About Cassina

"A Native Texan Yaupon Beverage"

What is cassina?

Cassina (Ka-SEE-nah) is a caffeinated product derived from yaupon (YOH-pon) holly that can be brewed in many ways - similar in nature to green tea or yerba mate. Loaded with anti-oxidants and high in theobromine, it is a local alternative to jitter-inducing caffeine sources. We use all-natural, wild-harvested native yaupon that we locally source from our family property in New Caney, Texas. As the only native source of caffeine in the United States, it's the true Texas Tea!

How do I drink it?

For tea bags and loose leaf, steep in hot water below boiling temperatures (180o F) for 5 minutes. Loose-leaf cassina works well in a French press, a tea ball, or tea strainer; we suggest steeping 1 to 2 teaspoons of cassina per 8oz of water. Used leaves can be resteeped at least once. For iced cassina, let steep for 10 minutes, then add ice cubes. Goes great with lemon, honey, or sugar!

Why cassina?

Drink trends come and go, but cassina is a drink as old as Texas. Used by the indigenous Texan people and adopted by early European settlers, cassina offers mild earthy notes, natural sweetness, and less tannins that traditional China teas. It also provides a steady form of caffeine that doesn't cause a crash like coffee. Give cassina a try and reclaim a part of Texas heritage.


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