November 11, 2016

Caffeine is the world's most used psychoactive stimulant, or "drug", according to New Scientist Magazine, with 90% of North Americans consuming it in some form or another daily. We at Panzarella Import Co. aren't above the occasional Redbull or 5 hour energy when a long shift at the bar or day foraging in the woods requires it, but we prefer to stick to simple and unadulterated forms of caffeine.

Folks generally limit their choices to the all-mighty coffee, or chill vibes of China tea. If you really want to get experimental, or you've got roots in South America (shout out to Pope Francis!), maybe you're a fan of yerba mate. But cassina is another product that is a part of American heritage that many of us have been missing out on.


Traditionally consumed ritually and socially by Native Americans  across North America, the drink was adopted by European missionaries, and eventually European Southern settlers. It was a common drink that united the new comers with the native cultures that are rooted to the geography and nature around them. It was a case of Europeans becoming American hybrids, instead of simply transporting and adjusting food traditions from the old country.

A rich and earthy brew that stimulates the nervous system not just with caffeine but also theobromine; cassina is our drink. Our warm stimulant in the morning and cool pick me up in the afternoon. Sweetened or with lemon, or maybe with a splash of milk. Dark roast, green, or fermented. Cassina is the drink of America, and the American South in particular.

Pour up, for heritage past and future.



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